Twisselman Enterprises Policies

Grooming Policy: Our professional atmosphere is maintained by the image that you, as an employee, project. You should therefore utilize good judgment in your dress and appearance.

Hair: All employees must choose hairstyles and colors that are conservative and not extreme or distracting. Hair color must be a “natural” hair color or may be died a naturally occurring hair color. When in doubt, always check with your manager.

Men: Men’s hair should be neatly trimmed on the sides and in back, and may extend downward on the back of the head to the middle of the collar. Hair may not be pulled back into a ponytail or hid under a cap. Sideburns should be straight, neatly trimmed, and may extend to the end of the earlobe. Neatly groomed mustaches are permitted and may extend one inch below the corners of the mouth. Full beards of any length are not permitted. A small neatly trimmed tuft of hair just below the center of the lower lip (“soul patch”) and small neat goatees are allowed.

Women: Long hair must be worn up throughout your entire shift.

Jewelry: Should you choose to wear jewelry while at work, it must be tasteful and appropriate. Jewelry on the hands and wrists are discouraged in food service. Only one (1) single band style ring or snug fitting bracelet or watch is allowed. Women may wear up to three (3) earrings in each ear. Earrings may not exceed two (2) inches in length or circumference. Men may wear one (1) earring only. Studs can be no larger than a quarter-inch across, hoops no bigger than a half-inch in diameter. Ear plugs or spikes of any kind are not permitted. Men and women may not wear pierced jewelry on any other visible areas of the body, including the tongue.

Tattoos: Tattoos are not permitted if visible when wearing a company issued uniform. You may not cover tattoos on your hands or arms with bandages or makeup.

Uniform: Employees are required to wear company issues uniform shirts. Pants or shorts must be tasteful and professional with no rips or patches and must be fitting. Avoid sweatpants or “gym” shorts. Clothes must be kept clean and neat. No signature apparel of any kind, other than company approved logos, may be worn. Shoes must be close-toe and appropriate for work conditions (no slippers, sandals or “Ugg” boots) red shoes are not permitted. If you are unsure of an item, always check with your manager before wearing it to work. All uniform items must be returned upon termination of employment. **Please note that these grooming standards are Boardwalk-wide and there is a strict no tolerance policy for violations.