California Food Handler Card

The state of California requires anyone who works with food to obtain a California Food Handler Card. You have 30 days from the time of hire to obtain the California Food Handler Card. You will need to take a quick online course about food safety and pass an online test. The cost of the test is $15. Although it is the responsibility of the employee, Twisselman Enterprises will reimburse you the cost.

Step 1: Go to ServSafe. Start process here ServSafe

Step 2: Pay $15 and take the online class (2.5 hours)

Step 3: Take the required online test, pass with 70% or better (You can retake the test if needed)

Step 4: Print out your Food Handler Card

Step 5: Bring your card and receipt of payment to Desiree to get your $15 reimbursed on your next paycheck