About Us

The Twisselman (Fitzsimmons) family has been operating businesses on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk since 1934. Charles and Ethel Fitzsimmons started the company during the Depression soon after they moved to Santa Cruz. They operated several of the Boardwalk games and arcades. In the mid 1960’s, the games were sold to Charles Canfield and Charles and Ethel opened the retail store, Casino Imports, with the help of their daughter Audrey Twisselman. In 1971 the family moved into food concessions when they took over operation of the the Hot Dog on a Stick and Boardwalk Fries.

With the help of the fourth generation, Lauren and Allison Twisselman, the family operates four different food outlets; Hot Dog on a Stick, Board Wok, California Wraps and Bowls and the World Grill. The family is proud of the quality of their food and the countless wonderful employees that have worked so hard each season.